Teddyy Changing Mats: Providing The Comfort And Security Of A Mother’s Lap


When our children are born, they fill our lives with happiness. Playing with them and watching them discover the world is fun and fulfilling, but changing their diapers, not so much. Sometimes children are just messy. And although the mess is sometimes constructive for their personality development, the messy diapers are always disastrous. 


When my daughter was born, I had only one kind of changing mat for her. The ones that we get with the diaper bags. Though they were great to carry around, cleaning them was a challenge. You need to carry wipes to clean the mat and the mess keeps on getting worse. We also had an option of disposable changing mats which was merely sheets of paper and they would always tear out or fly away before I could lay my baby down on them. That’s when I came across these disposable Teddyy Changing Mats. 


Now, why does one really need a changing mat? Well, the answer is logical and simple. The public changing tables are plain disgusting, and if you happen to change the diaper of your little one in the car, then only God can save the car and the baby from the odor and mess of poo. Hence, diaper changing mats are a blessing. They not only keep our baby clean and germ-free, but they also protect the surface from getting dirty. 


Qualities of Teddyy Changing Mats

  • They are disposable changing mats and you do not have to worry about cleaning the mat at all times, if it gets too messy you can just throw them away.

  • They are super soft and do not irritate the baby’s skin.

  • They have a high absorption level which keeps the baby dry and comfortable.

  • They also have a waterproof back sheet which doesn’t allow the liquid seep out and prevents staining. 

  • It has a criss-cross design that prevents spills and leakages.

  • The anti-bacterial cover makes sure there is no bacterial growth on the mat, in turn, protecting the baby from germs.

  • It’s quite portable and can be kept in the diaper bag.

  • It is perfectly sized for our little ones since the time they are born till they turn two.

  • You can use it not only for changing but for giving an oil massage, for giving diaper-free naps to your kid, and also when going for stroller walks.


As a mom of a little girl, I honestly didn’t care about making changing mats a priority. But with time, I realized their importance and utility. I’m glad to have found a perfect diaper changing partner. They say, a happy mom makes a happy baby and I am convinced that Teddyy Changing Mats have made diaper changes convenient and super easy. You can buy their products from Amazon and FirstCry. 


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