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Why Having A Cancer Plan Is Essential


History is witness to the fact that women are the best at managing finances. Yet even today, the irony continues. Womendo not play a major role in taking financial decisions for their families; for centuries we have looked up to the men in our homes to drive these decisions.

It is not our fault though. The society has programmed us this way. Throughout our growing up years, we have seen our mums handle the household chores and our fathers handle the finances. While our brothers were taught about ledgers, taxation and insurance, our interest towards it was neither developed nor catered to. Therefore, today most women lack the knowledge about financial matters and in some cases they have no confidence to talk about them.

However, women in India have begun breaking barriers across all areas of life be it cultural, social, professional and even financial. With an increasing number of them gaining financial independence, they want to talk about the future of their finances and gather knowledge about the same. I had the privilege of attending an event titled #TurningTables organized by Max Life Insurance where women from all walks of life had gathered to understand the importance of financial security of self and family.

During the event, Mr. Aalok Bhan, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance asked us a very interesting question – “What is the biggest Myth in the world?”,at first it seemed like a fun question to which many of us gave our answers. Appreciating all the answers, he said  Death is the biggest myth in the world”. It was a real thought-provokinganswer. I realized that while we are practical enough to understand that it will come to all of us one day or the other;have we really thought about the consequences of it? What is the legacy we are leaving behind for our family, especially ourchildren?

Death is one thing, but isn’t Life more important? I feel, if we secure ourselves, we secure our family. But the bigger question is, even after knowing this, do we as women prioritize our own self? I wonder, are we even prepared to face uncertainties that have gained prominence over the past few years like Breast Cancer. So, how can we protect ourselves? The #TurningTables event helped me realize the importance of having a simple Cancer Insurance Plan in place. Such insurance plans help in covering the cost of treatment that is very expensive and can become a huge financial burden on the family. As we go through our daily chores, it’s important for us women to take a moment to sit back and think of the value we bring to our families and protect ourselves adequately!

As mothers, we talk about bringing up our children in a gender equal environment and we want everyone to look at them without bias, right? It’s time to avoid the mistakes our elders have made and make a conscious effort to learn to value ourselves and become an equal partner in making financial decisions for our family. Women have to participate in setting financial goals and plan a secure financial future for their children so that the resources keep flowing even after we are long gone.


  1. Finance is such an important aspect in life , women playing equal role in financial planning make a big difference. Very well explained.

  2. It’s actually true… In many household it’s the woman who plans the expenditure for the month…and yet they are not considered to take a financial decision …

  3. You are on point Aakriti. We have always known that finance is all men’s thing. But times are changing. I myself do a lot of things to keep it a priority for me to handle insurance, tax filing , premium payment, sip, ppf. It takes concious effort but I do it so that I am independent and secure

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