Espadrilles by Enzo Cardini

Espadrilles to my rescue!!

Foot saviours during my pregnancy!!

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Espadrilles by Enzo Cardini

Pregnancy is the time when being comfortable is a never ending challenge. Be it clothes or shoes or makeup we have had our bad days as well as good. But for me personally my feet did not face a day of unattended care. I have had swollen feet and ankles, clumsiness while walking and the inability to bend and tie my shoes (all thanks to my growing belly and the ever increasing weight).

To my rescue I had these amazing Espadrilles from a home brand called Enzo Cardini. These are basically rope soled French Mediterranean’s. They can be classified in a category which is more than a casual one where you would like to wear flip flops and less than the one where you would wear an oxford.

Since most women are super active during their pregnancies we typically have issues with walking around everywhere with all the weight on our legs, we barely have the time to sit and tie a knot to the shoe laces. I was a full time teacher during my pregnancy and even went baby mooning to the mountain and the one thing that I never let go of, were my espadrilles. I have washed them several times and the jute base is still sticking around.

Why Espadrilles from Enzo Cardini?

1. It is a home brand (Make in India)
2. They are super light when it comes to weight
3. Trendy colours and enormous patterns to choose from
4. OOTD for summers as well as winters
5. The cloth used to make them is breathable and does not leave you with a sweaty foot.
6. You don’t have to bend over and tie any knot. You can just wear them like your flip-flops. They are just more fashionable.

Shoes, Review, Espadrilles, Pregnancy Shoes, Nainital, Vacation Shoes, Comfort
Espadrilles By Enzo Cardini

These shoes do not hurt your pocket as you can get them from just 700rs and they are easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, Fynd and of course Instagram.

So, to be mommies, already mommies or any woman looking for comfort for their feet should check out their page and grab your favourites. Because wearing flip flops these summers is to mainstream.

Until next time,

Love and happiness.

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