Letter to My Daughter on her First Birthday

My Dearest Tishika,

Wish you a happy happy birthday. Today is a big day for all of us. Its your Big One! I know you don’t understand it now, but trust me im jumping with joy.

You are one revolution old!

I might faintly remember the happenings on the day you were born, but I distinctively remember your first cry. I loved you even before I knew you.

After 30hrs of contractions and finally a c-section my dear, you were born as a squishy little ball of pink fur. And today, look at you, my heart swells with pride for what you’ve become. There is absolutely nothing that brings me more joy than being your mama. You are my greatest blessing.

I might sound clichéd, but the year has just flown by with you being the centre of our world. There has been not even a single day, when you don’t amaze me with your adventurousness and curiosity. The way you are inquisitive to explore, touch and put things into your mouth. I never knew how motherhood could feel, but your ways in which you choose me over papa, how you cry to be held by me and your long comforting cuddles gives me an assurance that this journey that I have embarked as a mother is beyond perfection.

I love how you dance your heart out to the Punjabi tunes, the way you mess all the folded laundry,   how you throw your food on the floor and laugh at it falling. I love it when you pull out all the spice jars from the kitchen drawer (I wasn’t aware of my patience level). I love how you get excited at the sight of food, how you fake laugh at times, your happiness of going to take a simple bath or when you want to talk to everyone on the phone.

I can just keep talking about it all because you have brought so much joy to my life. However, you will be a toddler now and the growing wouldn’t stop. I want you to remember few things in life.

Dream, because that’s how realities come true. Let no one crush them. People will have opinion and people will judge, believe in yourself and the righteousness of your thoughts. You have the strength to move mountains.

Never pull down anyone. All of us have weaknesses and flaws, never make fun of them. Embrace and uplift each soul and you will be at peace with yourself.

Always remember that you are smart, confident, determined, gorgeous and funny. I promise to instill these qualities in you, among others, so you never forget the importance of yourself like people often do.

You are an embodiment of everything good that exists in this world, Tishika. And with the year of ‘firsts’ ending, I want you to believe in yourself like I believe in you. I fail at words to express my love for you and to tell you that how special I feel to be blessed with you.

With all my love



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