My Fun Solutions To All Of My Kid’s Brushing Woes

The day my little one’s first tooth erupted is a day I’ll never forget. Seeing your child’s teeth grow is priceless because their smiles are absolutely heartwarming. But keeping those smiles healthy and bright is easier said than done.


Every time I try to brush my child’s teeth, it either becomes a chase around the house or a temper tantrum. I could never get it done without a fuss and it ruined the morning for both of us. But I never stopped trying and learnt that you have to make brushing fun if you want your toddler’s cooperation. I found a way around my child’s brushing woes, and that’s what I’ll share with you:


01) Make Brushing A Family Activity

My little one loves playing with us, and she always wants to be around mom and dad. Most kids want one thing the most – their family’s attention, and if you make brushing a family event, your little one will most likely join in. So every night before bed, all of us would brush together, standing in front of the same mirror and looking at each other, making funny faces. Since kids mimic their parents, this worked out for us.


02) Use Your Child’s Cartoons

My little one loves cartoons, so when I came across the cartoon packs of Colgate Kids Toothpaste, I knew this would be great motivation for my child. I showed her the packs and as she also liked them, she made sure to bring the tube to me every morning and before bedtime. I think the fruity Strawberry and Bubble Fruit flavours also really helped, as they remind her of her favourite candies. It’s the small encouragements like these that make a big difference!


03) Make Up Some Games

It’s difficult to convince a child to brush when they would rather be playing. So why not make brushing like playtime? I made a brushing game – every time I brushed a tooth, we would count together. After every few teeth, I stopped and taught my toddler a fun move like wiggling, jumping or jazz-hands. This game keeps changing – sometimes it’s brushing with toys, or if she’s asking for “rewards”, it could be 4 claps and a sticker for brushing. With the Colgate Kids Toothpaste pack, I got a 2-minute sand timer, which I use for a “brushing competition” with my little one – whoever brushes for the full time wins! It was an effort that was worth the try, as it helped me skip the fuss.


04) Give Your Child A “Responsibility”

Children like to feel independent, so tell your child that they have to make sure everyone – from mom and dad to their favourite toy – brushes their teeth every day. This will help them realise that brushing is not just part of their routine, but everyone else’s too, and this is what can help form a habit.


Of course, there are still days when my little one makes a fuss, but that’s much less now than it was before. Colgate Kids Toothpaste, with its fun, kid-friendly flavours and cartoon-themed packs, has helped me make mornings stress-free as well as brushing fun! It has also been protecting my little one’s precious smile and keeping it cavity-free! If you take some time and a little bit of effort to make brushing fun for your little one, I can assure that you will notice a positive change and have happier mornings!


  1. Oh I so needed it…. My son is 16 months and it’s always a jumbo task to clean his teeth and tongue… He thinks whatever goes inside the mouth is to eat.. my fingers are all chopped… How did u manage during that phase..plz share ?

  2. Absolutely loving all these tips for getting kids on brush routine. My little one loves brushing a lot and am sure with these tips we can definitely achieve target 2 times a day . Thanks a ton. Beautiful clicks

  3. These are some interesting pointers. I do brush my teeth with Ina but never thought of giving her a toy along so that she imitate and learn; although she can do iron her own now but I do make sure she covers all the teeth

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