“This too shall pass”- My parenting mantra

My Parenting Mantra

Whoever coined the term ‘bittersweet’ was definitely not thinking chocolate. They sure knew, me being a parent and was talking about this unconditional, all-consuming love. Love so compelling that it unites adverse emotions: bliss with grief, joy with sorrow, satisfaction with discontent, willingness with loath.

Parenting mantraMy love for you is beyond abundance

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation and I calm myself with the optimism that parents around me also share my conscious. And most of us, I’m guessing have the same mantras more or less.

‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS’ is the mantra that keeps me sane and the unbearable somewhat bearable. I know it’s difficult to agree to this fact, especially when your baby will give you sleepless nights and your teens would do the same but for reasons manifold. However, this ancient proverb of ‘this too shall pass’ has its reputation for a reason.

Each time I and my husband think we have successfully accomplished one parenting issue, a new one arises. Our daughter starts sleeping a little better? Then weaning off becomes a challenge. The moment she starts eating better! Hello, potty training! But for those of you, who are parents in the trenches of any stage, know that there is relief around the corner.

Parenting mantra

As a new mom I had days where my baby wouldn’t ever sleep and cried without explanation, but I knew that a year from now this will be a distant memory. By then, I’ll be moving into the bigger diapers and thinking about sippers instead of bottles.

When my daughter refused to eat anything that was offered and only wanted to breastfeed, I became exasperated. Why did everything have to be so demanding? I pleaded, I danced, I insisted, I forced. Eventually, I found a way to set a strong stage. This phase passed. I was proud to have weaned her off and now she happily eats anything and everything offered to her.

Parenting mantra But first let’s eat some cake

When keeping my toddler in bed or potty training, seemed like a nightmare I just knew that in two years, she’ll be too exhausted from playing all day and she’d be far too mature for that. I knew I will miss the funny positions she use to sit in and passed all over the house. Thankfully, without much effort she started to give signs that she wanted to use the washroom.

There are times when her behavior is a communication of a need is not met. It might be a cry out for attention. It is, of course, important to explore these possibilities but sometimes, it is about trusting them and trusting the process.

This phase, too, shall pass.

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