Tips to keep your child active and healthy during changing weather

A healthy and active child is every mother’s delight. We want to see them in the pink of their health and food plays a major role in it. To keep them away from the chilly winters, we make sure that our little ones are perfectly clothed and covered. Layers on them make them cozy and lazy and tend to avoid outdoor activities which can affect their immunity. While during the summers, the scorching heat zaps all the energy our little ones have. Apart from playing outside, eating right is also important for a kid to stay active. What goes into their system also affects their immunity and inner strength; this directly influences their activity and energy levels. As a mother, I have to make sure that my kid is all active and pumped up all the time even during seasonal changes. I always prepare a list to double check on my kid’s health and her activities. I make sure that the points mentioned below are followed on regular basis.

Playing indoors as well as outdoors: We pay more attention to kids playing indoors during the weather change thinking that it might save the kids from acquiring diseases or flus. But taking them outdoors for at least an hour will help in building their immunity.

Regular hand wash: This is the most easy and effective way to reduce the chances of catching a flu or infection. This indirectly makes sure that the kid is active and healthy.

Proper intake of fruits and vegetables: Off all the points we talk about, food intake is one of the most important aspects of keeping the child healthy and active during weather change. We need to make sure that children are fed with food that increases their resistance. And the key immunity boosters vitamins — A, C, and E are found abundantly in fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ranging from carrot, peas, sweet potato, and spinach to oranges, grapes, guavas, etc.

Boosting immunity- Immunity needs an extra boost during winters so we need to ensure we feed our kids nutritious food that will strengthen their immune system. To make sure that my kid is getting all her nutrients, I bought V-Nourish, a scientifically designed high protein wholesome nutrition supplement, which as part of a daily balanced diet helps support growth and development to keep my child healthy and active. There are 4 amazing flavours for children between 5 years and above-Strawberry, Choco Cookie, Kesar Pista and Badaam. Each product is made with real ingredients and you can experience chunks of real ingredients in every sip. No artificial flavor, no preservatives, no synthetic colors, no added sugar is required to make this nutritional beverage since it contains sugar and it mixes easily and tastes great with cold milk.

I trust V-Nourish as it is created by a father, who is also a food researcher and developer for his children. It is not only the product but also the concern of a parent which makes me believe in the complete transparency and honesty on the information about every ingredient that is going inside the product.

Everyone enjoys all the seasons that nature provides us but make them even better by feeding your kid right.

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